Reverse Cash Discount Program

Are you tired of paying outrageous credit card processing fees?

Implementing a Reverse Cash Discounting program at your business can result in significant savings! POS Merchant Card Services’ Reverse Cash Discounting program helps eliminate your processing fees while driving cash payments to your business.

Merchants everywhere are continuing to face increased costs for all aspects of their businesses. The good news is our Reverse Cash Discounting program helps cover these rising costs.


The interchange-plus pricing model is one of our most popular merchant pricing models. It is a credit card processing pricing structure that separates the components of processing costs. This allows for transparent reporting and interchange optimization often leading to lower costs when compared with other forms of pricing.


Flat-rate pricing is an increasingly popular pricing model for credit card processing. Flat-rate processing is where a company charges its clients based on a fixed percentage of volume. This model also includes a per-transaction fee.


The tiered pricing model (bundled pricing) is a merchant account rate structure that credit card processors use to assess charges. It allows processors to group interchange fees into general rate tiers of their choice.

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