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Managing your business has never been easier!

ProCharge® Merchant Gateway quickly gets your business up and running with everything you need to process payments. Our user-friendly virtual terminal enables you to process refunds and gift card transactions. It also helps with your accounting process, letting you set up recurring billing and automatic e-invoicing, and view transaction history. You can also maintain and update customer accounts and billing details within seconds.

All applications are integrated payment platforms designed to automatically sync transaction data to ProCharge® Payment Gateway. This allows for constant real-time activity and account updates. For example, a team processing transactions on mobile devices will automatically have the activity updated in the Procharge® Merchant Gateway. The robust integrated payment platform lets you not have to do a thing!

We offer FREE in-house Procharge® customer service and 24/7 technical support in case you have questions or need assistance.

Procharge® Gateway Features

  • Complete Processing Platform Integration
  • Free User-Friendly Virtual Terminal
  • Real-Time Reporting and Activity Details
  • USB Swiper Compatible
  • Safely Stores Cardholder Data

ProCharge® Merchant Gateway automatically integrates all payment solutions through one common platform, synching all transaction data.

  • Easy to use virtual terminal
  • Real-time reporting and activity details
  • Recurring billing, e-invoicing, and secure storage and processing of cardholder data
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